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Toxic mold and it's deadly history

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Toxic mold and it deadly history

Mold infestations have been an issue for society since the beginning of civilization. Throughout history we can find many instances where mold has been a threat to our personal health. Associating health consequences due to mold exposure by a civilization that existed 2000 years ago was surely a conclusion based on common sense reasoning and simple logic. Mold has a pungent, “unclean” odor and those exposed to mold two millennia ago would have displayed symptoms just as persons do today. Mold inspection and remediation today uses some of the most sophisticated technology to eradicate mold from any home or business. We at Five Boro Mold Specialist are certified professionals with over a decades experience in identifying and removing mold.Let's look at an example of an historic mold issue.
Mold has been an issue for homeowners since the biblical days. In Leviticus 14:33-45, the Lord tells Moses and Aaron how to rid a house of mold. First ask a priest to inspect it. Then scrape the inside walls and throw all contaminated materials in an unclean part of town. If that doesn't work, the house ''must be torn down -- its stones, timbers and all the plaster.'' Mold is a serious matter and always will be this is why it is suggested that you have your home inspected immediately by a trained professional.

Creatively written inscriptions describing how an intended intruder will die an agonizing death upon ent ry to a tomb warn Egyptian tomb raiders. King Tut’s tomb was no exception. Its curse and threat of death gained sensationalized notoriety when there was a coincidence of the number of deaths associated with the 1923 archeological disinterment of King Tut headed by Lord Carnarvon — Lord Carnarvon’s caged canary was killed by cobra in the tomb and shortly thereafter he met with his own sudden death. Newspaper reports of Lord Carnarvon’s death and the subsequent deaths of his colleagues perpetuated the superstitious authenticity of King Tut’s curse.

Fact: Lord Carnarvon and 26 of his colleagues and associates met with “mysterious” deaths following the opening of King Tut’s tomb. Fiction: Deaths were the result of King Tut’s curse. Scientific studies revealed the presence of Aspergillus mold spores (extremely poisonous) in the tomb were at a high level when the tomb was opened. Inhalation or ingestion of the spores are the cited source for the numerous and mysterious deaths — the toxic mold had lain dormant in King Tut’s tomb for thousands of years before stones were removed for Lord Carnarvon’s and others’ entry. The wisps of in-rushing air and movement of all entering disturbed and dispersed the toxic mold spores into the air.

Mold can damage the structural support of a building or dwelling and more importantly mold can adversely affect the health of those in contact with their spores. Mold eats away at any substance it grows on; causing it to weaken it till it is completely destroyed. Some forms of mold are extremely toxic and can cause significant damage to your respiratory system. Some of these forms like Aspergillus, Fusarium, Stachybotrys can cause serious health issues. Professional inspection and remediation is the key to protecting your friends, family, co-workers, and investments.

Mold then as now is a hazard to your health and if you believe you have any symptoms of mold allergies you should see a health advisor immediately. Fortunately today we have the means and the technology to keep our homes mold free. We at Five Boro Mold Specialist are certified, trained professionals who make it our duty to removal all mold from your home. We are so confident in our abilities we have a 2 year warranty on all mold remediation jobs we perform. You can reach us at our website at: or you can call us toll free.
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