Monday, September 24, 2012

Staten Island Mold Inspections

Staten Island Mold Inspections

Staten Island Mold Inspections: Do Building Materials Contribute To Mold Growth?

Many prospective homebuyers and builders often ask the question if there are any building materials that are known to promote mold growth. This is not the most straightforward question to answer. Mold requires very specific conditions to grow mainly moisture, a food source, oxygen and temperate conditions for its ideal propagation environment. Unfortunately, gypsum board which is a common building material used in many homes and office buildings are a particular favorite of mold that they love to feed on. You may wonder why mold is attracted to gypsum board in the first place. Most gypsum board is paper faced. Papermaking involves the grinding of wood to make sheets. However not many people know that there is a chemical processing involved in papermaking that almost renders the wood used in the papermaking fully digested. This makes it very easy for mold to feast on, as the wood does not have to be broken down significantly to be consumed by the mold. It has been the finding of most Staten Island mold inspections companies that for this reason alone, many homebuilders are shying away from the use of paper faced gypsum board.

But remember that the paper facing only provides the nutrient source for mold. According to Staten Island mold inspections companies, it is the moisture that is actually contributing to the mold, not just the nutrient source itself. The truth is that if care is taken to keep the paper faced gypsum board dry, there is no reason that Staten Island mold inspections companies can find not to use it as a building material. So you may ask what special steps one must take in order to keep paper faced gypsum board dry. Staten Island mold inspections companies recommend that interior walls benefit greatly from the use of gypsum board that is paper faced. According to Staten Island mold inspections companies, when paper faced gypsum board is used on exterior walls, it can be disastrous in that it encourages mold growth.

However, Staten Island mold inspection companies find that there are certain areas in the house that paper faced gypsum board must not be used even as in interior walls. Shower stalls, steam rooms and even some kitchens are not best served when paper faced gypsum board is used. Therefore Staten Island mold inspections companies recommend to err on the side of caution and keep bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms and studies in paper faced gypsum board; while keeping rooms that are prone to humidity in other materials.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New York mold test

New York Mold Test: Does Mold Testing Have To Be Invasive?


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You may be worried about how invasive New York mold test inspections can be! One may think that it entails ripping up mattresses and old futons in the basement along with making gaping holes in the drywall to investigate the presence of mold. While this might be true in some cases where the mold infestation may be very hard to find, more often than not, exploration for mold is a non-invasive process. Some homeowners ask about horror stories that they have heard regarding cutting open walls and ceilings, moving carpeting or flooring and even knocking out bathroom and kitchen fixtures looking for mold. But the truth is that most New York mold test professionals are fully aware that when they are looking for mold, they must take care that mold colonies are not disturbed as what may result is a profusion of mold spores that would be ejected into the atmosphere.

According to NYC mold inspections professionals, what can result is the further spreading of the mold problem with the increased concentration of mold spores. Besides the New York mold test professionals causing mold to spread, they also want to avoid damaging your home without reason. There may come a time when you may require the New York mold test professionals to knock down walls and ceilings for mold remediation but during the actual investigative process, most New York mold test professionals are mindful of keeping your home intact. So who should one call if you have suspicions that you might have a mold issue within your home?

Mold remediation services employ expertly trained mold testing contractors who will test your home for mold by using ambient air testing along with surface swapping for the presence of mold. Most New York mold test professionals use this two-pronged approach so that nothing is left to chance when analyzing an area for mold. Sometimes, the New York mold test professionals might find an entire wall of your bathroom wet and most likely full of mold behind it. They will then recommend that you allow them to look behind the wall for evidence of mold.

In fact, if no mold is found, the New York mold test professionals will repair the wall; if there is mold, the more remediation contractors in conjunction with you will decide in which direction to proceed next. NYC mold inspection

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mold Testing Manhattan

Mold testing Manhattan

Manhattan Mold testing : Waving Your Mold Goodbye Professionally

Wood paneling has been known to be very susceptible to mold. If you see your paneling turn yellowish green and give off a musty smell call in mold testing Manhattan companies for a quick look see to test for mold. Mold is known to feed on dead plant and tree materials, therefore any home that has old wooden paneling must be doubly sure to check for mold infestation by calling in mold testing Queens contractors on a regular basis.  Most importantly do not put off any testing as mold that is allowed to go unchecked will take a toll on everything that it touches.

So if immune-compromised individuals; especially children are present in your household, be aware of the impact that biocides can have on them. So if you want to sterilize your surroundings, it is important to use chemicals that only harm the mold and nothing else. Any mold testing Queens services should be able to provide other choices that may require a greater number of applications over time than stronger biocides’ this is well worth the sacrifice for those who might react poorly to harsh chemicals. Chlorine and beach are perhaps the first chemicals that come to mind when there is a mold cleanup involved. While these may suffice for small cleanups, the larger ones require more aggressive forms of mold destruction. In addition to this, Manhattan mold testing companies will provide giant exhaust fans and hygrometers to dry up any moisture present in the area along with constantly testing for humidity.

Some Manhattan mold inspection companies will even bring in air scrubbers that have a tremendous amount of success in cleaning up mold. These are giant vacuums which are designed specifically with mold spore capture in mind. What these would do is ventilate the area completely and dry up any residue and moisture that may put the home at-risk for mold infestation. For those that do want to attempt mold eradication on their own, air scrubbers are available for rent which may work for smaller infestations. However most serious infestations do require industrial-strength air scrubbers that only mold testing Queens professionals have access to. So if you are contemplating doing this on your own, make sure that you have all the equipment that is needed to take on this big task.

Manhattan Mold Removal

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