Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New York mold test

New York Mold Test: Does Mold Testing Have To Be Invasive?


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You may be worried about how invasive New York mold test inspections can be! One may think that it entails ripping up mattresses and old futons in the basement along with making gaping holes in the drywall to investigate the presence of mold. While this might be true in some cases where the mold infestation may be very hard to find, more often than not, exploration for mold is a non-invasive process. Some homeowners ask about horror stories that they have heard regarding cutting open walls and ceilings, moving carpeting or flooring and even knocking out bathroom and kitchen fixtures looking for mold. But the truth is that most New York mold test professionals are fully aware that when they are looking for mold, they must take care that mold colonies are not disturbed as what may result is a profusion of mold spores that would be ejected into the atmosphere.

According to NYC mold inspections professionals, what can result is the further spreading of the mold problem with the increased concentration of mold spores. Besides the New York mold test professionals causing mold to spread, they also want to avoid damaging your home without reason. There may come a time when you may require the New York mold test professionals to knock down walls and ceilings for mold remediation but during the actual investigative process, most New York mold test professionals are mindful of keeping your home intact. So who should one call if you have suspicions that you might have a mold issue within your home?

Mold remediation services employ expertly trained mold testing contractors who will test your home for mold by using ambient air testing along with surface swapping for the presence of mold. Most New York mold test professionals use this two-pronged approach so that nothing is left to chance when analyzing an area for mold. Sometimes, the New York mold test professionals might find an entire wall of your bathroom wet and most likely full of mold behind it. They will then recommend that you allow them to look behind the wall for evidence of mold.

In fact, if no mold is found, the New York mold test professionals will repair the wall; if there is mold, the more remediation contractors in conjunction with you will decide in which direction to proceed next. NYC mold inspection

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