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Mold Removal New York - Mold Exposure Symptoms In Children

If you have children in your home, especially, those that are younger than 5 years old, it is important that you are watchful for the symptoms of mold. Immune-compromised individuals are also susceptible to the same harsh effects of mold. These symptoms are particularly severe in those that have respiratory symptoms to begin with. For instance, with children that are prone to bronchitis and asthma, wheezing is a fairly common outcome of mold exposure. Performing regular checks with mold removal New York companies can allow you to be vigilant, especially if there are instances that you have noticed leaks or moisture intrusion in your home. Did you know that even vegetation such as trees and shrubs pressing up against your home are a big moisture intrusion risk?

For children, mold exposure starts off as sinus and nasal congestion turning into shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Some mold removal New York companies report that aspergillosis can begin very early for infants exposed to mold. Aspergillosis is the growth of mold in the lungs. Remember that the only things that mold requires for proliferation is moisture, an organic source of food and air; all of which are easily available in the human lung. Memory lapses in children are not often reported by mold removal New York companies, but are often seen by adults also complaining of confusion, headaches and mood swings when exposed to mold.

If you notice your child’s eyes are bloodshot even though you know that he has slept well, consider calling in a NYC mold removal company for an inspection. Watery eyes will soon give way to skin rashes or dermatitis which can become sores over time. Calling in a mold removal New York company sooner rather than later can give your family a strong chance of a complete recovery. Aspergillosis is a serious issue and can be fatal if it goes unchecked. Once the mold has taken up residence in your lungs, every medical intervention will also damage part of your lungs in the process. So even for the cleanup process, hire a good mold removal New York company so that you do not have to put yourself or your family at any more risk. So especially when you have young children or frail adults,  do a mold inspections, even if only with a mold test kit if investing in a mold removal New York company is cost prohibitive.

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Mold testing New York City

Mold testing New York City

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Mold Testing New York City: Mold Removal In Attics

It’s not often that you climb onto your attic to look for mold. In fact when was the last time that you ventured up there? If you said never, then you are not alone. So if you are told that your attic may be infested with mold, you may be surprised. If you are worried about the presence of mold in your attic, it may make sense to take a flashlight and take a quick look at what shape your attic is in. If you are nervous about mentioning out on your own, then investing in a mold testing New York City company may be well worth the expense.

The first sign to look for is characteristic black spots usually observed on the northern side of the house. This appears on the attic sheathing as often reported by mold testing New York City company contractors. Another telltale sign is the appearance of solid black colored wood. It may almost appear as if the wood was torched or was in a fire. Finally, the most disturbing sign is a furry or fuzzy appearance on your rafters and sheathing in the attic. Most mold testing New York City company contractors look for these signs and can recognize them even from a distance.

The most common reasons for the moldy state of your attic is poor insulation that allows the warm air from your house to enter the attic. And other commonly encountered reason as observed by mold testing New York City company investigators is your bathroom ceiling fan being vented into your attic. Of course, a leaky roof is very often the source of your mold.

Now that you have determined that you may have a mold problem, what do you do next? Do you have any choices besides hiring a mold testing New York City company? A very extensive mold infestation may be a risky proposition for a homeowner to take on oneself. The first thing that you may think of is grabbing your spray bottle full of beach and spraying down the rafters and insulation. For severe infestations, this is undoubtedly an ineffective method for mold removal. You may require the services of a mold testing New York City company to get rid of your mold. If you are worried about how expensive a mold testing New York City company can be, put in a call to your home owners insurance policy to get an idea of the extent of coverage that you are eligible for in the event of an expensive cleanup.
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Brooklyn mold services

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Brooklyn mold services: Is the Value of Your Home Affected By Mold?

Many folks think that once a house has been contaminated with mold, there is not a lot you can do to restore its value in the market. What most people do not realize when they consider home values is that the approach to decontamination determines a home’s return to its market value. If the mold removal process is performed by a layperson or the homeowner himself, then it is likely that word will get around as mold decontamination is not always straightforward and requires many safeguards in place for a permanent eradication. If on the other hand the homeowner uses a professional Brooklyn mold services investigator, then this is an assurance to people that the problem has been dealt with professionally. It is no secret that most Brooklyn mold removal contractors provide a 5 yard warranty to their customers that promises a five-year period of a mold free environment within your home.

Along with this approach, Brooklyn mold services contractors also visit your home every six months to do a free mold test. So even after the sale of the home, the contract that you have entered into with the Brooklyn mold services professional will persist for a period of five years. This can be very helpful during the sale process as an average home seldom gets a warranty of being mold free for five years in the future. When mold remediation is done yourself, the end result may appear like that of Brooklyn mold services contractors, but only time will tell if the remediation is permanent. A homeowner can equip himself with a respirator, gloves and appropriate clothing to deal with the mold, however, there is no guarantee that the mold will not return. Unlike the average Brooklyn mold inspection contractors, homeowners cannot provide the high degree of containment that is required. What this means is that the entire area that is being treated, will be cordoned off by the Brooklyn mold services contractors. This may involve heavy plastic sheeting, positive air pressure fans and expensive sealing procedures. For a homeowner to get the same results, one would have to go to great lengths to procure state-of-the-art equipment that is designed to eradicate mold completely.

So if mold eradication permanently is the end result that you seek, especially if you are contemplating selling your home, it may make the most sense to hire a Brooklyn mold services contractors. This will not only give you peace of mind for however long you continue to stay in the home, but will also assure any potential buyer that your home will be mold free in the future.

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