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Mold testing New York City

Mold testing New York City

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Mold Testing New York City: Mold Removal In Attics

It’s not often that you climb onto your attic to look for mold. In fact when was the last time that you ventured up there? If you said never, then you are not alone. So if you are told that your attic may be infested with mold, you may be surprised. If you are worried about the presence of mold in your attic, it may make sense to take a flashlight and take a quick look at what shape your attic is in. If you are nervous about mentioning out on your own, then investing in a mold testing New York City company may be well worth the expense.

The first sign to look for is characteristic black spots usually observed on the northern side of the house. This appears on the attic sheathing as often reported by mold testing New York City company contractors. Another telltale sign is the appearance of solid black colored wood. It may almost appear as if the wood was torched or was in a fire. Finally, the most disturbing sign is a furry or fuzzy appearance on your rafters and sheathing in the attic. Most mold testing New York City company contractors look for these signs and can recognize them even from a distance.

The most common reasons for the moldy state of your attic is poor insulation that allows the warm air from your house to enter the attic. And other commonly encountered reason as observed by mold testing New York City company investigators is your bathroom ceiling fan being vented into your attic. Of course, a leaky roof is very often the source of your mold.

Now that you have determined that you may have a mold problem, what do you do next? Do you have any choices besides hiring a mold testing New York City company? A very extensive mold infestation may be a risky proposition for a homeowner to take on oneself. The first thing that you may think of is grabbing your spray bottle full of beach and spraying down the rafters and insulation. For severe infestations, this is undoubtedly an ineffective method for mold removal. You may require the services of a mold testing New York City company to get rid of your mold. If you are worried about how expensive a mold testing New York City company can be, put in a call to your home owners insurance policy to get an idea of the extent of coverage that you are eligible for in the event of an expensive cleanup.
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