Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New York City Mold Removal Companies in NY

Mold Removal New York

Mold Removal New York - Mold Exposure Symptoms In Children

If you have children in your home, especially, those that are younger than 5 years old, it is important that you are watchful for the symptoms of mold. Immune-compromised individuals are also susceptible to the same harsh effects of mold. These symptoms are particularly severe in those that have respiratory symptoms to begin with. For instance, with children that are prone to bronchitis and asthma, wheezing is a fairly common outcome of mold exposure. Performing regular checks with mold removal New York companies can allow you to be vigilant, especially if there are instances that you have noticed leaks or moisture intrusion in your home. Did you know that even vegetation such as trees and shrubs pressing up against your home are a big moisture intrusion risk?

For children, mold exposure starts off as sinus and nasal congestion turning into shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Some mold removal New York companies report that aspergillosis can begin very early for infants exposed to mold. Aspergillosis is the growth of mold in the lungs. Remember that the only things that mold requires for proliferation is moisture, an organic source of food and air; all of which are easily available in the human lung. Memory lapses in children are not often reported by mold removal New York companies, but are often seen by adults also complaining of confusion, headaches and mood swings when exposed to mold.

If you notice your child’s eyes are bloodshot even though you know that he has slept well, consider calling in a NYC mold removal company for an inspection. Watery eyes will soon give way to skin rashes or dermatitis which can become sores over time. Calling in a mold removal New York company sooner rather than later can give your family a strong chance of a complete recovery. Aspergillosis is a serious issue and can be fatal if it goes unchecked. Once the mold has taken up residence in your lungs, every medical intervention will also damage part of your lungs in the process. So even for the cleanup process, hire a good mold removal New York company so that you do not have to put yourself or your family at any more risk. So especially when you have young children or frail adults,  do a mold inspections, even if only with a mold test kit if investing in a mold removal New York company is cost prohibitive.

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