Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mold companies Long Island

 Mold companies Long Island

Mold Companies Long Island: Buyers Beware of Moldy Home For Sale

In this day and age of foreclosures, and short sales; homebuyers are tempted by rock bottom prices. However, many of these homes have been subject to neglect from leaky windows and leaky roofs that have not been addressed for long periods of time. For this very reason, some of these homes are selling at prices that are much lower than market value. If you are interested in purchasing a home that has been foreclosed upon and is decidedly selling much under what it is worth, consider hiring a mold companies Long Island service. This will enable you to decide if the investment in spite of the low price is worth it.

This economy has most homeowners looking for a deal, but unfortunately many mold companies Long Island services find that a large number of homes have been ravaged by mold – so much so that inhabiting the home is considered dangerous. Mold companies Long Island service will inform you of what is involved in paying for all the repairs that will be required for the home to become habitable.

Bank owned properties are particularly notorious when it comes to mold issues. Disgruntled homeowners are often neglectful in the care of the home resulting in severe mold infestations as found by mold companies Long Island services. There are many signs that should warn you of a mold infestation even before a visit by a good mold companies Long Island service. Discolored subflooring, black cobwebs, water damage and stained walls are often masking a mold infestation. Even serious fire damage can be easily fixed with structural repairs, but mold issues require the specialized services of a mold companies Long Island company.

Water damage is indicated by peeling paint, swollen walls and cracked pipes, but this does not necessarily mean that it is a mold problem. If you want to avoid the expense involved with a mold companies Long Island service, then home testing kits are available that can give you a fair idea whether you have an issue or not. For more in-depth testing, it is important that you hire a mold remediation company.

Another caveat of buying a home that has been plagued with mold is the inability to buy homeowners insurance. Very few insurance companies will give you homeowners coverage when the house is already known to have had a mold issue in the past. Buyer beware!

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