Monday, August 20, 2012

NYC mold services

NYC mold services

NYC Mold Services: Sinusitis Is A Common Symptom Of Chronic Mold Exposure

Researchers in the Mayo Clinic have found that homeowners that are exposed to mold over the long term often suffer from bouts of sinusitis that do not respond to even some strong antibiotic treatments. Experts go on to explain that the sinusitis is a response to an inflamed immune system resulting from mold exposure. Sinusitis is a prolonged inflammation of the inner lining of the nose and sinuses resulting in very uncomfortable symptoms such as congestion and headaches. Sometimes patients even develop polyps due to chronic sinusitis. In homeowners that experience these symptoms, NYC mold services investigators are often surprised at how this extent of mold infestation went unnoticed until this point.

With over 25 million of Americans suffering from chronic sinusitis, one can only imagine how many of their homes are infested with mold. Unfortunately, NYC mold removal services investigators report that the incidence of mold has been growing over the years fairly steadily. It was thought that less than 10% of the cases of sinusitis were due to mold. However recent numbers reported by NYC mold services investigators have caused experts to rethink the statistics. In a study that involved 210 individuals that suffer from chronic sinusitis, newly developed testing methods showed that a preponderance of these patients had mold spores in their sinuses that were much more than average individual’s. This confirms what NYC mold services investigators have been reporting in that the number of homes with mold infestation is indeed increasing translating to chronic sinusitis.

Another major study conducted at the Mayo Clinic also verifies what NYC mold services investigators have been reporting. Nasal polyps removed from patients that have chronic sinusitis also showed extremely high numbers of mold spores within close proximity of these polyps. Prolonged use of antibiotics is now discouraged even for those patients exposed to mold as this will only result in a decrease in the overall immunity.

It may still be premature to state that most of these chronic sinusitis cases may be a result of mold exposure but the numbers from NYC mold removal services investigators certainly do not refute this theory. For this purpose, it is important that we become aware of what a mold infestation looks and smells like. If you have symptoms that you cannot explain away, then it might be time to consider a NYC mold services testing. It is better late than never.

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