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The Importance of Mold Inspection in the Promotion of Health

The Importance of Mold Inspection in the Promotion of Health

Did you know that having your home checked for mold is vital in the promotion and maintenance of health? The visual inspection of the nooks and cranny as well as the hard to reach places of your household is the most important preliminary step in the identification of possible mold infestation. If you live in one of the boroughs and metropolitan localities of New York, then perhaps you might what to have your home checked by the best mold inspectors of the city. NYC mold inspections is the leading and pioneering company in the City of New York that offers mold remediation services, water damage restoration as well as quality New York Mold Inspection services.

You should be concerned if you have mold contamination in your home. Most of these molds thrive in dark and damp areas usually in basements, under the sink and parts of the house with leaks like plumbing and roof. When unseen and left unaided, mold could cause serious health hazards as well as tremendous structural damage to your furnishings. Frequent exposure to mold spores can cause sensitization and develop allergic reactions and health concerns especially to those whose immune systems are compromised.

CMI NYC mold inspection renders only the best and comprehensive New York mold inspection in New York. Its team of professional mold inspectors have years of experience in home, office, schools, hospitals and other establishments mold inspection. They use only the state of the art technology in their inspections. Some of their high-tech equipments include the Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras that are very much useful in locating water invasion in the areas of the home unseen by the baked eye. Another cutting-edged equipment that CMI use in their New York mold inspection is the Moisture Meter that could either be intrusive or non intrusive in nature. Moisture meters are used to measure the humidity or moisture in certain parts of your house like wooden panels or walls.

Mold inspection should not be mistakenly interchanged with mold testing. Mold testing is part of the inspection process and is done in a different way. Mold inspection uses visual assessment of the area to determine the severity of water damage and mold contamination. Visual inspection is crucial in determining the appropriate mold remediation technique to be used in eradication the contamination. With CMI NYC mold inspectors, you can be sure that no old is left unseen. They see to it that the ventilation systems, ceilings, gypsum, cardboards and other fibrous areas of your house are checked.

After their New York mold inspection
, the inspectors of CMI provides the homeowners with a mold inspection reports that includes the scope of work performed, a summary of the contamination’s current co0ndition, results of la test done during mold testing, detailed and comprehensive explanation of the infrared and moisture meter readings. CMI’s laboratory is licensed by the US EPA to operate and analyze mold samples and identify it according to its DNA.

New York mold inspection is just one of the many services that CMI has to offer. With over 10 years of experience in the mold remediation industry, CMI continues to prevail as the leading mold remediation expert and has served hundreds of families and establishments in New York City.
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