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Certified Mold Inspections
New York
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Manhattan, New York – For the past years of servicing hundreds of families in the metropolitan and district areas of New York, Certified Mold Inspections, Inc. (CMI) takes pride in their inimitable NYC Mold Removal Services. Their forte is focused on the removal of the “toxic” black mold. Their 10 years of experience in the field of mold remediation together with the advancements in technology, CMI was able to build a reputable name and continues to prevail as New York’s prominent and foremost black mold removal experts.

Black molds are perilous to human health especially to those whose immune defenses are low. If not seen and proper immediate remediation is not rendered, it will cause a devastating effect to the fibrous structural components of the house by devouring on every surface on which it has cultivated. Moisture is what keeps the black molds thrive especially in dark and cool places like basement, air conditioning vents and walls. Once their life source isn’t dealt with, the influxation will continue to cause silent yet appalling damage to properties and one’s health.

Certified Mold Inspections, Inc.’s strong point is on black mold removal. Their equipments and facilities are all avant-garde to ensure that accurate mold testing and NYC mold removal services are delivered with precision and efficiency. Certified Mold Inspections, Inc.’s staffs are all professionals and have one common mission – to rid New York of the hazardous black mold and promote healthy green living. Their years of training, involvement and thorough knowledge of the mold remediation have made them the connoisseurs of mold removal.

CMI also ensure client satisfaction by rendering quality inspection and mold remediation service. Martha Smith, Businesswoman and CMI client stated, “I’m amazed as to what CMI has done with my home. They have totally eliminated my mold problem and even provided me with a thorough mold inspection report in a timely manner. Their operators and inspectors are courteous and are all efficient with their jobs”.
CMI takes pride in their advanced and technological method of mold removal using the latest equipments such as infrared scanners and moisture detectors to thoroughly scan the over all structure of the houses, offices and establishments for possible mold lair and infestation. They also use superior toxic cleansing gear and EPA approved disinfectants, advocating the use environment and ozone friendly products. Their HEPA-Vacuum processes also ensure that mold allergens in the air are voided to prevent mycotoxins inhalation. They also embrace the use Dry Ice blasting procedures to thoroughly destroy and clean black mold. It is the best alternative to manual sanding as it less tedious and offers optimum remediation of mold.
About CMI
CMI follows the S520 guidelines recommended by IICRC and IAQA in there NYC mold removal services. They are available from 9am-5pm from Mondays to Fridays and also offer 24 hour service per client request. CMI conducts mold testing in there laboratory before and after the remediation process to make certain that airborne mold spores are totally eradicated and offers their trademark satisfaction guarantee to all of their clients.
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