Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mold Removal in the Five Boros

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Mold Removal in the Five Boros

Mold is a fungus, this organism needs two things to survive, moisture
and protean. Mold destroys any material it grows on. Mold travels
through the release of tiny microscopic spores. These spores float in
the air and eventually land on a surface waiting for moisture to
continue the cycle. These spores are dangerous as we can breathe them in
and become very sick. Some minor symptoms of mold allergies including:
headaches, rashes, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, fatigue and other
health issues.

Most people believe that by using bleach and other household products
they can remove the mold growth in their homes, this is false. Most
over the counter cleaners do not remove mold, but instead will hydrate
mold and help it continue to grow. Bleach that can be picked up in the
supermarket has been diluted and does not have the chemical strength to
kill the growth. Even after multiple applications of bleach the mold
will always come back.

A powerful way to prevent mold growth is proper ventilation. Proper
ventilation is key in preventing moisture build-up, which drastically
lowers the chance that mold will grow. Without proper ventilation,
condensation will enter the home and mold will use this excess moisture
to grow and eat the material where the source of the condensation is
located and spread.

The very best way to completely remove the threat of mold is to remove
all excess moisture and waterproof your house properly. This includes
your roof, gutters, drainage pipes, foundation and all indoor plumbing.
If waterproofing is applied correctly the chances of mold growth is
slim to none.

We at Five Boro Mold Specialist are certified and trained to inspect
homes and buildings for Mold, Lead, and or Asbestos. We work throughout
the tri-state area and provide the finest service within the Five
Boro's of New York. We utilize the latest in inspection and remediation
technology and come with a 2 year guarantee on all services rendered.
Using infrared technology and tried and true inspection methods we get
down to the source of the problem. Once we find out the source you will
receive a 30 page report summarizing the problem and our treatment
process to remediating the source. No wonder we are the best home
inspections company

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