Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mold growing in Retirement Homes

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As the baby boomers begin to reach the age where they need to retire many of them are going to retirement homes and assisted living facilities. The retirement homes are overcrowded and some are unable to manage the amount of residents that they have anymore. This is becoming a very serious issue for those who are looking for a place to go and even worse for those who are already in the overcrowded retirement facilities. With the large amount of residents they are unable to keep up with everyone and the maintenance is working overtime to try and keep up with repairs and sanitation.

Mold is becoming a problem in many homes, nursing homes and retirement homes across the world. More than half of all homes in America have at least one type of mold growing within so just think about the mold that can be growing in a nursing home. Many of the residents in nursing homes already have low-immune systems so when they are threatened by mold it can result in very serious illnesses and infections and will even lead to cancer.

If you suspect that your loved one is being exposed to mold while living in a retirement home or assisted living you should request for that nursing home to have a mold inspection done immediately to ensure the safety of all of the people staying in the facility. Do whatever it takes to have this inspection done and if you have to hire a Certified Mold Removal Specialist yourself to come in there and inspect the property you should do it. Exposure to mold will guarantee that your family members will continue to deteriorate and will prevent them from living a happy life.

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