Friday, March 27, 2009

It’s Allergy Season, Time for a Mold Inspection

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Spring means allergy season. This is the time of the year that pollen, dust and mold is at its worst. Now is the time when we need to pay more attention to our health and the health of our family. Did you know that ALL allergy symptoms are a common side effect of an allergic reaction to mold? The most common side effects of mold include coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sinus infections, migraines, and itchy eyes. Have you ever had that cough or cold that just would not go away? You may have been having an allergic reaction to mold growing in your home, because of the fact that it is in your home you are always exposed to it.
Mold lives off moisture and the spring time means that the humidity is high and the mold in your home is thriving and growing at a remarkable rate. Mold commonly found in damp humid areas of the home and is usually found in basements, attics, and bathrooms under sinks, behind toilets, and around the window seams. When mold is growing behind your walls it can be very hard to find, in many cases it is impossible to find without help from the professionals and their equipment.
Keep your family safe this year and have a mold inspection done during spring cleaning time to make sure that you are providing the safest environment for your family and pets. For more information on the different types of household mold as well as some great tips on removing the mold visit Certified Mold Removal Specialist.

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