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Mold companies New York City

Mold companies New York City

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Mold Companies New York City: The Elderly Face Problems From Mold

The truth is that mold is nothing new and has been around ever since man has. In fact, there are several references to mold in the Bible in Leveticus. This goes back over 2000 years. Both Leveticus 13 and 14 go into length about mold plaguing houses and causing destruction. What you can get out of those references about mold is that mold has been around forever and will in all probability outlive the Universe. It is common knowledge that mold is an important player in maintaining the ecological balance of the ecosystem but the moment it enters your home in its toxic form, all bets are off as it can be debilitating for your health. This is especially true if your children are under the age of five or immune compromised adults who have health issues as it is.

Sometimes the problem is that, it is much more than mold that causes health symptoms in homeowners as reported by mold companies New York City services. Unfortunately, when mold takes over the home, it also means that the house is ideal for the takeover by other microorganisms that live in similar conditions.

E. coli for instance flourishes in conditions that are similar to what mold prefers. Often mold removal New York City services report that the elderly are found living in conditions that encourage the growth of microorganisms. Due to their age and lack of mobility, many elderly people are unable to identify the smell even when mold companies New York City service professionals report that they are sometimes knocked over by the strong pungent odor of mold within the home.

Community homes where the upkeep is substandard are often reported by mold companies New York City services for mold infestation. They are referred to as a “distressed property” and are not fit for human habitation. Along with mold, contaminated materials, animal waste and putrefying vegetation compound the issue. Mold companies New York City services also report that the structures themselves that include studs, joists, floorboards and baseboards along with subflooring are found swollen orbucking under the pressure from the mold and moisture.

These community homes cannot afford the prices of mold companies New York City services and therefore employ unskilled laborers to attempt a mold remediation. What this results in is the kicking up mold spores and the worsening of the problem for both the cleanup crew and the members of the house. Ultimately, they are forced to invite NYC mold inspection services into their house as continued sicknesses within the home result in the State condemning the property. For this reason, involving a professional mold remediation company even at the early stages can prevent the high cost of remediation and repair down the road.

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