Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bronx mold test

Bronx mold test

Bronx mold test: Problems Areas for Mold

Mold grows in filaments and reproduces through mold spores. You may have noticed that mold and mildew are used somewhat interchangeably, especially with the kind that grows in shower stalls. Bronx mold test companies explain that these spores are barely visible to the naked eye and are also so resilient that they can survive under virtually any conditions, however harsh they are. Many homeowners are unaware of this and assume that mold cannot grow in cold climes. However this is the biggest misconception about mold as mold is commonly found in refrigerators and freezers! The other common misconception is that mold cannot survive dry conditions. Wrong again! Mold is so hardy that it has survived for centuries under non-ideal conditions and has even been mentioned in the Bible in Leveticus 13 and 14.

Mold spores grow by landing on a moist food surface to find themselves a home. When Bronx mold test companies visit your home, their first line of duty is looking for the source of the mold. This can be anything from a leaky window, to a leaky faucet to something as innocuous as a wet beach towel on the floor left overnight. Most Bronx mold test companies find that mold infestations even begin in washers and dryers that are not vented outside the home. This poor venting is the number one cause for mold infestations in basements. According to Bronx mold inspection companies the number two cause is antiquated heating systems in older Bronx apartments that have long outlived their utility. The cost of replacing the heating systems is substantial and can be daunting and therefore landlords have been shying away from this responsibility according to Bronx mold test companies.

Mold in attics has become such a big problem as people seldom venture in there unless it is to bring down the Christmas tree and decorations during the holiday season. With everything that is going on at that time, Bronx mold test companies report with preventing debilitating health effects. For this reason, many Bronx mold test companies recommend doing mandatory checks of basements and attics for mold especially if you live in a naturally humid area.

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