Friday, January 4, 2013

New York City Mold Company Updates Registrations with Emergency Services Due to Hurricane Sandy

Motty Katz, Owner of Five Boro Mold Specialist, updates registrations with Emergency Services after flooding, water damage, and mold infestations caused by Hurricane Sandy.

What You Need To Know If Your Basement Floods

If your basement has flooded recently, then you may be at risk for a mold infestation. Most homeowners think that a basement cleanup after a flood does not require the services of a professional New York City mold removal company. While this may be true, more often than not, a homeowner does require cleaning services for anything above half an inch of water. The reason for this is that all it takes for the mold to take a hold of your basement is for it to come in contact with the material that is conducive to mold growth. This could be an old mattress, an old comforter or even your favorite sweatshirt from your freshman year that you have put away for safekeeping as is often observed by  Long Island mold removal contractors NYC.

Very often, a basement can become wet if you have a leaky radiator that manages to get past the carpeting and sub flooring all the way down to the basement. Mold can grow even before you realize it. Remember that all it takes is a matter of 24 to 48 hours of an unintended moisture source with a nutrient source, for mold to take a strong hold on anything in your house. Sometimes it is as simple as leaving a wet towel on the floor near your washer/dryer in your basement. A NYC mold inspection company can walk in and find the offending towel right away whereas the homeowner may not pick up on this presence as it may be a usual occurrence to leave wet clothing around the washer dryer unit.

If you have noticed that your washer in the basement often appears greenish around the inside, then it is recommended that you use bleach at least once a week to prevent mold growth according to NYC mold removal companies. The reason for this is that washing machines are often left with wet clothes overnight. This is all it takes for mold to grow as reported by many Long Island mold test companies. So if you are in the habit of continuing a load of laundry over the following day, it never hurts to use a cup full of bleach at least a few times a month to keep your chances of mold infestation down according to any Long Island mold test company. After all, you certainly do not want to be wearing mold leave alone inhaling it.

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