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NYC Mold Companies: How Much Mold Exposure Is Considered Harmful

If you are worried that you have a mold issue in your home, in all likelihood you have already performed a home mold test kit. This test kit can tell you how much mold is in that location along with being able to tell you what specific type of mold your home is infested with. Both these pieces of information are very essential when you are deciding what to do next. But have you wondered about how much mold exposure is harmful. This again is not an easy question to answer given that everybody's threshold of tolerance is different. Our genetic makeup decides how we react to allergens. This is particularly true of mold which tends to bring out many different symptoms based on who it affects. Five Boros NYC mold companies professionals have observed that each homeowner that they visit has a very different experience with mold. For some NY mold companies customers, symptoms have been as mild as a skin rash that resembles eczema. For more severely affected cases, Five Boros mold companies employees have witnessed homeowners going into a coma followed by death even from not very lengthy exposures! Given this, it is apparent that we all react differently to mold.

Consenting that the environmental mold is different from geographical location to geographical location, it is not always easy to set a threshold above which a house or office can be considered unsafe. If the residents of a neighborhood or area are used to a high mold spore count on an everyday basis,NYC mold companies employees report that their tolerance for mold is higher than those that live in other areas. Conversely, New York City mold companies investigators observed that low levels of environmental black mold do not present the opportunity for area residents to get used to high concentrations of mold. For this reason, it is not always straightforward to put a number on what New York mold companies employees should consider harmful for a home. However from state to state, Five Boros mold companies investigators report that there are guidelines set by the EPA that dictate levels that are considered unsafe across the country. This goes without saying that rural areas tend to have higher black mold counts then urban areas. According to most NYC mold companies employees, it is not the count that matters but how a person reacts to mold with one's given set of circumstances.

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