Monday, April 16, 2012

Mold Remediation Staten Island

Mold Remediation Staten Island

Mold Remediation Staten Island: Dealing With Mold – The Bane Of the End of Winter

Many people complain of a headache right after a long hot shower. This is perplexing as hot water usually dilates blood vessels and should therefore not result in headaches. When these same people finally figured out what it is that is causing them these post-shower headaches, more often than not it is because of mold. Mold in a shower stall? Believe it or not, contrary to popular belief, shower stalls are more common mold sites than even dank and dark basements. Even a quick shower in a poorly ventilated bathroom can lead to problems with mold.

You may think that you can avoid calling a mold remediation Staten Island company by painting over the mold in the shower or re-caulking all of the grout joints. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive as the paint will start pealing even more easily and cause further spreading of the mold spores. Additionally, re-caulking will only conceal the problem for a while. Very soon, the mold will rear its ugly head once again, having found another weak spot from behind the drywall to enter into your airspace.

Once you have realized that the problem is more than just a mere fix with Clorox bleach, it is definitely time to call in a mold remediation Staten Island company who can guide you through this rough time. If you are lucky, headaches have been your worst symptoms. Many mold remediation Staten Island company customers experience allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, asthma and even gastrointestinal difficulties as a result of mold; especially black mold. In fact, when it is present in your bathroom, effective mold remediation Staten Island company customers have felt most vulnerable as ones airways are the clearest during a warm shower. So distress during and after a shower with respect to breathing and headaches is a very common sign of mold infestation and must immediately be followed by a call to a mold remediation Staten Island company.

When the mold has reached your drywall or behind your wallpaper and under your carpet, you should consider contacting a mold remediation Staten Island company, because this level of infestation is not easy to handle without professionals. The safety precautions that one must take itself can be cost prohibitive and therefore not worth the effort and risk to one's own health.

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