Monday, October 5, 2009

Find Out What’s Causing Your Allergy Symptoms

If you are somebody who lives in New York and has never had an allergy before and is now manifesting signs and symptoms of minor allergic reactions, or if you are somebody who has allergy histories and is now experiencing exacerbations despite your compliance to medications and food and lifestyle changes, then perhaps you need to get an NYC Mold Inspection. It could be that the cause of your allergy or the exacerbations of you allergy is mold.

Checking your home for mold is something you can do yourself, however, if you are really after of the welfare of your health, having a pro to do the inspection is always the right thing to do as they are more knowledgeable in the field of NYC mold inspection and are equipped with gadgets and state of the art equipments in making their mold inspection more accurate and efficient. If you chose to do the mold inspection yourself, be very particular with smells. Mold infestation is hallmarked by musty or urine-like odor that reduces air quality inside your living area. If you have a smell like this in your household, then you are having mold infestation. Common causes of this is that if you’ve had previous history of flooding in your home or major roof leaks that were not tended properly. Moisture attracts mold growth and when left unaided, mold continues to proliferate and cause damage and health problems.

Next thing you can do is to go about in all rooms and areas of your house and check for visible signs of mold growth. Be very particular in areas of your house that are most likely to harbor moisture such as your bathroom, laundry room, basement, kitchen area, and the likes. Depending on the type of mold that have contaminated your home, molds may appear greenish, grey, brown, or black. Molds and mildews are most likely to be found in between your bathroom tiles or cracks in the corner of your bathroom floor or bathtub. Molds also have the tendency to grow in shower curtains. So be very particular with these areas of the house.

Once you have identified and located the mold infestation, check if the infestation is small or large, a small infestation is something you can handle yourself, however, if you are already having allergies you might want to think about doing the mold removal as this might cause to further aggravate your current health condition as molds contain spores that when touched or disturbed, can spread through the air, increasing the likelihood of you to inhale or ingest the them. If you are more concerned of your health, let the experts at mold remediation do the job for you. A couple of hundred bucks spent on NYC mold inspection and mold remediation is nothing compared to the thousand of dollars you’ll be spending on your maintenance medication and hospitalization because of severe allergy and other graver problems caused by molds.

Mold remediation is important in maintaining your own health. Under right conditions, mold can grow fast. To prevent this from happening, take out the cause of infestation in the case of mold, moisture. Mold can proliferate in as short as 24 hours, so you need to act fast and deal with the problem as soon as it is identified.
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  1. Molds are one of the principle reason of allergy. Mold removal sessions can help you a lot.

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  2. If you are feeling unwell, and have noticed blackish spots along your walls or ceilings, you should take special note by first using your sense of smell. Check your home thoroughly for a musky and earthy odor lingering around.

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