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Certified Mold Inspections: Helping You Restore You New York Home’s Health


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Certified Mold Inspections: Helping You Restore You New York Home’s Health

Manhattan, New York, September 22, 2009 – New York Mold Removal companies like the Certified Mold Inspections is a mold remediation, home inspection and water dame restoration company who is these to help you restore your home’s health. There was never a doubt that molds, especially the toxic black mold causes great deal of adverse effects to you and your family’s especially to members of your family who have weak immune systems. Molds are often the unknown cause of the worsening of asthma symptoms, cold or flu-like symptoms and allergic reactions.
Certified Mold Inspections is a mold remediation, mold removal and home inspection company who is after the welfare of you and your home. CMI is there to remove the hazard already present in you home and to prevent it from coming back. CMI understands that mold is a major concern by all and how devastating these fussy microbes can be to the structural components of your home. Not to mention its adverse effects to human health.
Oftentimes, when the damage caused by water or mold is too large, and salvage of furnitures, carpeting, and structural parts of the house is not permitted, the homeowners will have to exhaust their savings on repairs as well, purchase of furnitures and materials for the restructuring of the house. This will be an added expense on their part aside from the expense that they will have to pay for the home inspection and mold removal services that are also dependent on the extent of the damage.
Although mold inspection and mold removal are important, some homeowners are having second thoughts about having their home inspected because of the very high cost of these services. What’s worst is that home damages caused by molds and mold remediation services are not covered by some insurance companies. Making home owners become more upset. Some homeowners even tried to ask their insurance companies for mold claims, but to no avail.
This is where Certified Mold Inspections shines above the other companies. CMI’s mold inspection reports and analysis are widely acknowledged by insurance companies in New York for reimbursements for mold and/or water damages based on the coverage needs of every homeowner. This simply shows that Certified Mold Inspections is truly after of your home’s health and not the interest of their own company; probably the reason why Certified Mold Inspections is considered as the leading New York Mold Removal Company.

About Certified Mold Inspections:
Certified Mold Inspections has over a decade of experience in mold remediation and water damage prevention for NYC’s five boroughs and metropolitan city. The firm uses state-of-the-art equipment, special toxic cleansing gear and EPE-approved chemical to rid you property of health-threatening toxic mold. CMI holds the reputation of New York City’s pioneer and leader in effective mold removal and remediation.


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