Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mold removal NYC -removing mold from your home

Removing Mold from your Home

Mold is becoming a very serious problem for homes all over America. Studies have shown that most homes in America have mold growing inside. Mold is a simple microorganism that can live and grow anywhere that has a damp environment, like under sinks, behind toilets, in basements and anywhere else in your home that is regularly being exposed to water and moisture. Mold usually looks black green or brown and can be slippery to walk on and gross to touch. Many molds can cause harm to humans and animals and in some cases sending its victims to the hospital. Side effects from mold can be as mild as a skin irritation or itchy eyes to asthma and even cancer.
Mold requires moisture to grow and live so if you try to eliminate all standing water and moisture you can eliminate the chance of sickness from mold. If you happen to find mold in your home you can easily remove it using bleach. Dilute bleach with water and spray onto the cold and wait a moment before wiping it off. Mold will destroy fabric, linoleum, and even countertops if it is allowed to sit for too long. You may need to scrub your items to remove the mold stains.
If someone in your household is always sick and you are unable to find out why, there is a chance that they could be having an allergic reaction to the mold in your home. Mold kits are offered to sample mold in your home to find out if it is dangerous for your family. In many cases if your home is rented you can call your property management company and they will send someone out for free to test your home for mold. If you find mold in your home the best precaution would be to call a professional. The professionals have the proper equipment such as breathers, face masks and gloves to prevent themselves from being infected from the mold.
Take a look around your home, you could have mold growing in places that you never would have thought it could grow and it could be harming your family.

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